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Be Your Own Medicine

An educational guide to discover and learn how you work, and how you heal on all levels. Decipher the messages your body is telling you, and shift out of limited beliefs that bind you to chronic illness and pain.

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Raise Your Frequency

Disease is disconnection from self, others, and nature

It’s time to commit to you and own your health. Learn to listen to your inner authority and the wisdom of the body. Transformation begins within, join Be Your Own Medicine, and remember who you are.

The courses

Designed to unlock your healing power

Each course provides a three-month container to get to know all of you, while unlearning old paradigms and incorporating practical resources to empower you to feel vibrant and whole

Root & Rise

Trauma Awareness and Safety for A Regulated Nervous System

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Release & Restore

Let Go & Nourish to Feel Vibrant and Recharged

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Remember & Reclaim

Listen & Trust Your Intuition with Strong, Flexible Boundaries

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Reconnect & Rewild

Align with the Rhythm of Nature & Your Wild Self

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The Paradigms

The old vs the new

The medicine of the future operates from a new paradigm. The solutions for healing come from shifting perspectives and understanding the root of the problem.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

  • Old paradigm beliefs

    • You are broken and need fixing
    • Solutions are found outside of you
    • You need a medical degree to know your own health
    • Health and healing is linear
    • Symptoms are treated over systems
    • Pharmaceuticals are the answer
    • Healing happens in isolation in the body and community
  • New paradigm beliefs

    • You are your own doctor and authority
    • You are whole (mind, body and soul)
    • Healing is a nonlinear journey
    • Nature is medicine
    • Symptoms are messengers of dysfunction
    • Healing happens in community not isolation
    • Root cause medicine

Be Your Own Medicine and shift your health and well being at the pace and level you need to thrive!

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