Remedy: A Roadmap For Healing

Providing 1:1 guidance to build a blueprint to restore your vitality

A remedy that encompasses all of you. Learn about your emotional, mental and physical terrain influencing your health. Dr. Prill uses her background in naturopathic medicine and clinical neuroscience along with her intuitive abilities to create roadmap to feel confident and strong in your healing.

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realign with your health and purpose

If you are ready to delve into the depths of your being and uncover the roadmap to your healing and authenticity, enabling you to embody and shape the world within and around you, your journey begins here!

Recognizing the interconnectedness of it all, this course explores the balance and integration of all aspects of your health, providing profound insights into the intricate relationship between the brain, body, and everyday activities. Embrace the power of integrative health to connect the dots between your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, paving the way for abundance, clarity, and boundless energy.

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What to expect

Remedy is thoughtfully designed to guide you towards the integration of your energy, nature, and neurology, fostering true healing and well-being.

In your virtual or in-person sessions with Dr. Prill, you will have the opportunity to share your unique story, address any questions or concerns, and establish health and healing goals. Dr. Prill will conduct a thorough review of your health history, recent lab results, and past records, initiating an investigation into the underlying causes of your symptoms and identifying the systems involved. This comprehensive approach allows for an understanding of the therapies and treatments that have previously worked or not worked.

Based on your story, intake, and examination findings, Dr. Prill will create a personalized plan tailored to your specific needs. Gain insight into the interconnectedness of emotional, physical, mental, and energetic systems and symptoms. Together, in a safe and supportive setting, you will review your restorative roadmap to healing, embracing the opportunity to show up authentically and be fully seen.

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What's Included?

Are ready to take radical self-responsibility of your healing journey?

  • A personalized healing roadmap designed to support your journey of radical self-responsibility
  • Two 90-minute consultations to delve deep into your health history and establish a foundation for healing
  • New clients start here to embark on a journey of self healing, education and guidance
  • Investment

    Choose to embark on this transformative healing journey and witness the unfolding of your true potential.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Please read our frequently asked questions to learn more about this service and whether Dr. Prill would be the appropriate fit for your case. If you have more questions, please reach out.

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    Be Your Own Medicine :: courses to teach you how to be your own health authority

    Reawaken Your Magic :: Mentorship with Dr. Prill to access legal psilocybin facilitation in Oregon

    Car Accidents & Concussions :: If you are experiencing symptoms and issues from a concussion that are not going away, Dr. Prill is a trained clinical neuroscientist, and will guide you to optimal brain health and neurological rehabilitation to rewire and create neuroplasticity in an injured brain.

    Remedy: A Roadmap for Healing :: Work with Dr. Prill to create a roadmap to understand the messages your symptoms and systems are telling you . In this package, Dr. Prill will do a consultation with you to review your case and provide a plan for aligning and integrating all areas of health.

    No, Dr. Prill does not participate with any insurance company, including Medicare and Medicaid. The benefit of this is that your healthcare is not limited or restricted by the insurance company’s criteria, including time restrictions and services. Dr. Prill spends more than spending 5-10 minutes with a patient to assess and address their concerns, and tends to spend 45-90 minutes with a client to allow for comprehensive personalized care. It takes time to get to know you, and Dr. Prill is committed to providing the individualized care you need.

    FSA/HSA: these are acceptable forms of payment

    It is ideal that you work with a primary healthcare provider or mental healthcare provider. If you have insurance, you will be able to use your in-network doctor as much as you can to reduce your costs. Ideally, your doctor will be open to a multitude of approaches, knows their limits, and want you to find the best possible treatment, whether it comes from their office or not. Please note, Dr. Prill does not act as a primary care provider, but will happily work with your team of healthcare practitioners.

    If you establish care with Dr Prill in-person, then yes she may manage your care via telemedicine follow up sessions and act in the capacity of a physician.

    If you are unable to establish care in person with Dr Prill, then she may only act as a consultant, not as your doctor- making you her client. You will need to establish care with a physician local to you to manage your healthcare. By law, she is unable to diagnose or treat your condition without seeing you in person first.


    For Oregon Residents

    Naturopathic Physicians licensed in the state of Oregon can establish care through an in-person appointment or an online appointment.

    Doctors licensed in Oregon may engage in telemedicine with a new patient that they have not previously seen in person. However, Oregon licensed doctors may only treat patients who are physically in the state of Oregon at the time of treatment through telemedicine. Oregon statutes and rules only regulate the practice of naturopathic medicine in the state of Oregon.

    Patients Outside Oregon

    Dr. Prill may only act as a consultant, not as your doctor. She is happy to discuss your health concerns and answer your questions. By law, she is unable to diagnose or treat your condition without seeing you in person first.

    As a consultant, she CANNOT order lab tests, imaging, prescriptions, manage your care, diagnose, or treat you for any condition.

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