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Are you ready for a profound journey of self-transformation, reclaiming your health sovereignty and unleashing your untapped potential?

  • Naturopathic Physician
  • Clinical Neuroscientist
  • Psilocybin Facilitator

Unlock your true potential for a purposeful, passionate, and impactful life. Embrace authenticity, honor nature, and take radical responsibility for your well-being. Through personalized approaches and holistic healing, we’ll navigate the realms of mind, body, and spirit, empowering you to create sustainable changes and awaken your extraordinary potential.

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A Message For You

Healing within, heals the world.

Modern medicine is shifting. It is time to take radical responsibility of your healing.

Health is a multidimensional aspect of your being. You encompass more than just a physical body and a mind. You are interconnected with nature, embodying the essence of divine intelligence.

The process of healing is dynamic and ever-evolving. Fixed protocols and treatment plans lack the flexibility to accommodate your unique circumstances and environment. Your experiences, both joyful and painful, shape your adaptations and contribute to the beautiful story that is uniquely yours.

Embracing courage and curiosity, you can integrate your energy, nature, and neurology to achieve a sense of wholeness, authenticity, and embodiment.
You will acquire new resources, perspectives and adaptable ways to address health sustainably.

In your pursuit of well-being, you will discover new resources, gain alternative perspectives, and cultivate adaptable approaches to sustainable health.

Committing to yourself entails delving deep into your inner workings and understanding how the world around you influences your well-being. By learning to listen and decipher the messages or symptoms your body presents, you can navigate this process within a safe and supportive environment. Seek harmony across your emotional, mental, physical, and energetic realms to live a purposeful life.

As you prioritize your own healing journey, your radiant light will inspire others to embark on their own paths, thereby setting off a butterfly effect that fosters positive change in the world.

By focusing on your own healing, you radiate a brilliance that ignites others, creating a powerful wave of positive transformation that resonates throughout the world.

The Fundamentals

Guiding forces of your care
  • Dr Kp Energy


    Allow energy to shape your life through its frequency and vibration, to find profound resonance and alignment within the depths of your soul.

  • Dr Kp Nature


    Unite with the elemental forces of nature, finding guidance and connection as you recognize your inherent oneness with the world.

  • Dr Kp Neurology


    Unveil the innate harmony of your brain & nervous system, seamlessly bridging the dualities of life through the extraordinary gateway of your senses.

Work With Dr. Prill

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Dr. Prill works with clients both locally in Silverton, Oregon and virtually.

The courses

Be Your Own Medicine

Each course provides a three-month container to get to know all of you, while unlearning old paradigms and incorporating practical resources to empower you to feel vibrant and whole

Root & Rise

Trauma Awareness and Safety for A Regulated Nervous System

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Release & Restore

Let Go & Nourish to Feel Vibrant and Recharged

View The Course

Remember & Reclaim

Listen & Trust Your Intuition with Strong, Flexible Boundaries

View The Course

Reconnect & Rewild

Align with the Rhythm of Nature & Your Wild Self

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Meet The Guide To Your Best Health

Hi, I'm Dr. Kelly!

Naturopathic Physician // Clinical Neuroscientist // Psylocybin Facilitator

I am passionate about bringing medicine back to the people. Through energy, nature and neurology I guide professionals, leaders, change-makers and way-showers to release the old paradigm, reclaim innate wisdom, reconnect to nature and reawaken the magic within. Together we heal, together we thrive, cultivating a world of love.

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